About Randy

Randy Bowen founded RB Consulting as a direct solution to helping business owners grown their brand and boost the results of their digital investments to the next level.  

There are thousands of marketing firms out there for large corporations with unlimited resources, but only a handful of consultants like Randy that succeed in helping smaller businesses flourish.  

Randy enjoys working with businesses that are looking to grow their brand and increase their sales, and has a lucrative track record of advancing organizations to the front of thier industry as a result.



The best leaders are always looking to grow. Focusing on your own personal and professional development will in turn help your team and business blossom. In this program, we assess your leadership style and give you the tools to take your organizational management to the next level.



I also offer small to large team coaching. I'll come into your business to assess how the team works together, and we'll create a customized plan for coaching. This often includes team meetings, individualized coaching sessions, and small events to bring people together. 

How It Works

Simply put, Digital Marketing involves the development & management of advertising campaigns - delivered using technologies such as search engines, display ads, email, websites, social media, and mobile applications.

Campaigns are made up of offerings, strategies, & plans. Offerings are the products, services, and brands being promoted. Strategies are the means in which the offerings are marketed, and the plan is the timeline, budget, and team needed to execute the campaign successfully.

It goes without saying that the goal is to implement the most effective strategy with the most efficient plan to get the highest return on the offering being promoted. 

After an initial assessment of your business and leadership.

 After a few days of observation and analysis, we create a concrete consultative course of action. From there, we follow you and your team through the process to implement new habits and manage change.  

We're more than a life coach. We look at soft and hard skills of business to improve your growth in 3 months... Guaranteed. 

Take your business to new heights. RB Consulting is here to help your business climb the ladder of success. Get your free consultaton to see how you and your team can start growing


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