Month: November 2016

Thanksgiving At Mom’s

Thanksgiving was short and uneventful this year… which is good if you have one of those families that always have eventful holidays. Mom kicked ass once again with the goodies on the table and all the other goodies around the house. Her ability to cook is only surpassed by her ability to sew stuff and decorate a house.

Napping is what I do at my Mom’s house. You eat killer food, then sleep on the most comfortable and well decorated couch west of the Mississippi… I usually sleep after I have to fix some sort of technical mystery my Mom gets into with her computer and smart phone. I honestly have no idea of how she breaks her computer stuff so much.

Las Rocas, Mexico

I went to the Las Rocas resort in Baja Mexico with my girlfriend, my best friend and his wife, and a couple other cool neighbors from down the street. As you can see in the photo, the view  from our room was awesome. Other than the uncountable number of endless stairs, the place was pretty cool.

The resort itself is located between Rosarita and La Fonda so food and shopping is always close by. Each day started with a generous service of eggs and tortillas, with beans and rice throughout the afternoon. for dinner, we all had lobster the first two nights and steak on the third. It was flipping nuts.